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Gift/Travel Cards

A Great Gift for ANYONE!

As another great benefit for our members, Kansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Credit Union offers VISA gift cards.

How do they work?

You simply choose a design, then allow Credit Union staff to pre-load the VISA gift card for any dollar amount you’d like (minimum $10, maximum $500) – it’s that simple!  A VISA gift card allows you the convenience to give a gift anyone can enjoy as the gift cards are accepted anywhere VISA is. Please note an activation charge of $3.00 applies for each card purchase.

VISA TravelMoney Cards bring the convenience of a VISA card to your business or personal travel.  Much like the VISA gift card, Credit Union staff will pre-load the card with any amount you choose (minimum $100, maximum $5000). TravelMoney cards can be re-loaded using a convenient online service at  Please note a charge of $5.00 applies to the original purchase and each re-load is assessed a $2 fee.