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Loan Rates
Share Secured
  Daily Rate APR
  0.006849 2.50%
Share Certificate Secured
    Certificate APR + 2.0%
New or Used Vehicles - 2015-2019 model years
Approx Term Daily Rate APR
up to 60 months 0.008904% 3.25%
72 months 0.009589% 3.50%
Used Vehicles - 2011-2014 model years
Approx Term Daily Rate APR
36 months 0.010959% 4.00%
48 months 0.011370% 4.15%
60 months 0.011644% 4.25%
All Other Fully Secured
  Daily Rate APR
  0.016438% 6.00%
Approx Term Daily Rate APR
up to 36 mo. 0.024658% 9.00%
Line of Credit and Overdraft Protection Line of Credit
  Daily Rate APR
  0.024658% 9.00%
VISA Credit Cards
  Daily Rate APR
Premier 0.022603%  8.25%
Classic 0.028082% 10.25%
Basic 0.033562% 12.25%
Credit Builder Secured Card 0.039041% 14.25%

FILING FEE: You will pay the filing fee costs in connection with any advance given.

Rates listed are the Annual Percentage Rates (APR). All rates are subject to credit approval, and are subject to change without notice. Rates apply to new KSBCBSCU loans and refinances from other financial institutions. All rates listed are best qualifying rates. Your rate will be determined by your credit background, specific loan terms, and collateral.