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Fee Schedule

Effective 1/1/2017

Checking Account Fees
Description Fee
NSF Returned 20.00
Stop Payment Fee 20.00
Check Copies/Research   2.00
Bill Payer Online NSF Return Item 20.00
Check Printing Fee Varies
Business Account Fees
Description Fee
Monthly Service Charge   5.00
Returned Item Fee  
     Written by You 20.00
     Written to You 10.00
Description Fee
NSF Fee 20.00
Stop Payment Fee 20.00
Replacement Card Fee - Lost   6.00
Replacement Card Fee - Damaged   3.00
Lending Fees
Description Fee
Payday Line of Credit - Application Fee 25.00
Payday Line of Credit - Review Fee 25.00
Notice of Security Interest Filing   2.50
Secured Title Application 11.50
Financing Statement 10.00
Other Service Fees
Description Fee
Loose Coin Fee 5.0%
Return Item Fee  
    Written by You 20.00
    Written to You   5.00
End of Day Negative Balance Fee   6.00
Account Reconciliation or Research 20.00/hour
Statement Copy Fee   3.00
History Printout Fee   2.00
Domestic Wire Fee 15.00
International Wire Fee 30.00
Money Order     .50
Teller Check (payable to 3rd party)     .50
Cashier's Check   2.00
Visa Gift Card Activation   2.00
Visa TravelMoney Card Activation   2.00
Legal Process Fee 10.00
Inactive Account Fee (per month after 1 year if balance < $50)   1.00
Account Closure Fee (if closed within 90 days of opening)   5.00
Savings Withdrawals in excess of 3 per month   1.00 each
Credit Card
Description Fee
Late Payment Fee 10.00
Card Replacement Fee   5.00
Document Copy Fee   1.00