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VISA Check Card

End those days of fumbling for your checkbook and identification! The Kansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Credit Union VISA Check Card may look like a credit card, but it acts like a check. Sooner or later, it's bound to happen. You come across an unexpected sale or you need to pick up the dry cleaning and you don't have your checkbook or any extra cash with you. Don't worry, reach for your convenient VISA Check Card. Your purchases are deducted right from your checking account and detailed on your monthly statement. No checkbooks. No IDs. No hassles!

Your VISA Check Card does double duty as an ATM card too! You can use your card to get cash right from your checking or savings account at thousands of CIRRUS ATMs worldwide. You can also make transfers between savings and checking within your account.

A TransFund ATM Card allows you access to your primary savings and/or share draft checking account at any CIRRUS automated teller machine. As an added convenience, you can pay for purchases directly from your checking account by using the swipe POS terminal at your local merchant’s checkout lane.

Now available, the My Mobile Money app puts you in control of your debit card right from your mobile device.  With industry leading technology, you can safeguard your account from fraud, and stay in control of spending by receiving alerts each time a transaction occurs.  The Kansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Credit Union My Mobile Money app is available to all participating cardholders at the iTunes app store and Google Play.  Download it today or visit to learn more. With the My Mobile Money app, it’s your debit card, your way!