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The Board of Directors consists of seven credit union members who meet on a regular basis to review the condition of the Credit Union, declare dividends, set interest rates, and plan for the future. Current board members are:

  • Christie Mugler, President
  • Paul Feist, Vice President
  • Randy Lambrecht, Secretary
  • Ann Shelton, Treasurer
  • Alex Dakin
  • Tish Hermann
  • Donna Pashman

The Supervisory Committee performs an annual audit of the Credit Union in addition to several surprise cash audits during the year. Current committee members are:

  • Amie Brown
  • Aimee Craig
  • Molly Coplen
  • Chelsey Dunnaway
  • Malesa Kinder

The Credit Committee has the responsibility of granting all types of loans subject to the restrictions of the loan policy. Loans outside the individual loan officer’s authority are referred to the Credit Committee for review at their weekly meeting. Current committee members are:

  • Tina Henderson
  • Roxanne Huhs
  • Kevin Jones